The leading company in the nutraceutical sector aims to increase its production capacity, and thanks to the commitment of the Labomar Research team, it is focusing on scientific research. Founder and CEO Walter Bertin stated, «Investments and new technologies will allow us to enhance our competitiveness to better meet the needs of our customers.»

Istrana (TV), June 21, 2024 — Labomar SpA accelerates technological innovation to boost productivity and reaffirms its commitment to scientific research. With an investment of 6.9 million euros, the leading company in the nutraceutical sector—operating internationally and specializing in the research, development, and contract manufacturing of dietary supplements, medical devices, foods for special medical purposes, and cosmetics—aims to increase its production capacity in the field of liquid solutions. This will enable the production of up to 25 million additional units per year thanks to a new fully automated production line.

In addition, the company has filed a new patent, the 17th since Labomar’s founding: a formulation capable of improving the stability and compliance of liquid dietary supplements containing probiotics, making them more easily usable for consumers.